Bauern! (Farmers!)

Video, color/sound, 51min. 53sec., Dioula/French with English subtitles, Burkina Faso 2007

With Emmanuel Sanou Bourouté and the farmers from Kolekan.

While working on a film on agriculture in Burkina Faso, I heard about the custom of legré, a collective harvesting. Discussing the tradition with a unionist, he mentioned a legré that was going to happen in a near by village during the next days. The unionist called the village and asked for permission to visit and film the collective harvesting. When visiting the village the head, Emmanuel Sanou Bourouté, asked me about my research. During the filming I realized that the farmers discussed all the different problems that cotton producers are exposed to in relation to the national and international market. As well I realized that the legré might have organized just for me.

Thank you: Paul Gbangou, Eric Segueda, Ibrahim Kéré, Olaf Hochherz

Additional support provided by Umverteilen!, No-Budget Film, Berlin and Sahelis Film Production, Ouagadougou