helle nacht nichten
(bright night nothings)

Video, color/sound, 19 min. 36sec, Germany/United States/France, 2004.

Catching movements, moods, bodies—maybe just evoking bodies. The idea of representation seems completely boring, since the actual conditions are by far not absurd enough.
Semidigital. An outside of images doesn’t exist anymore. Only varying speeds. Many perfect little images, loosing their discreetness by quantity. In the end, nothing falls into place with a higher unity.
Rejecting a syntax that aims at a solution. Isn’t syntactical meaning as soon as it takes shape always Totalitarian Truth.
We have to stop drawing conclusions.
Language. It is absurd to believe that language could mediate a new message that wasn’t there before.
No unity, no single statement. Only new combinations of sub-syntagma.
Word groups don’t form sentences but chains. We don’t have to repeat the already formed plot of meaning. Building a web without progression instead.
Non-faces. De-centred faces. The general grammar is always connected with the education of faces.
Gestures. Neither substance nor form. Neutralizing rather than building.

With Marco Trotta, Micha Marinescu, Marlene Marino, Manuel Soyyigit, Marco Lornadoni, Melanie Werner, Sascha Omidi, Anne-Marie Schleiner, Arne Hoecker, Lukas Hofer, Eric Sturm, Olaf Hochherz, Anna Schäfer, Oscar Tuscon, Bea Schlingelhoff, Carissa Roderiguez, Benjamin Young, Valery Prott, DJ Leviathan

Additional support provided by Akademie Schloss Solitude